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Gonna play some WC3. Gamage Control. 2
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New Moscow League: Application are open! Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 19 Dec, 20:07
nmlWe're here to announce New Moscow League Season IV. And we're to follow the traditions of the league, so it'll be held in the NGL-format.

The participants:
Auto-qualified teams are those who got in the top-4 of the season passed:
RussiaGhost - Mystery Gaming
Europeincredible Panic
BelarusMalpian Brotherhood

The amount of teams playing in the regular season depends on the amount of teams applied for the qualificaton depends.

The entry fees:
The entry fee for qualification is 5$, and 5$ for regualr season (in case if you qualify succesfullly). This is 10$ all in all. All the money got will be used to form the prize-fund, which is 100% of the entry fees.

The web-money purse for entry fees is Z132948682267. If you'd like to pay the fee any other way (moneybookers, or whatever) - please, contact the administration.

There'll be not only trdational scheduled matches during the season, but 1x1 and 2x2 tournaments (held weekly, what's most probably) which will grant teams some additional points. What about the prize fund - it's, as we have already said, 100% of the fees, and we don't know if we'll share it between top teams of the season or not. It depends on the amount of the teams applying for the qualification.

Applications are open:
Application period are open now, and you may apply till December, 26. You may either:
- to send an e-mail, containing the link to your team profile (here, on the site) to the mail;
- contact the administration via ICQ 594-054-007.

After all:
Probably, the qualification will start on December, 27. Or, probably, on January, 10. Watch or the updates.

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Gamage Control: Pay Check. Comments: 1
Russiahalfpast5 17 Sep, 23:24
DaCoWe've got 16 teams to participate in Gamage Control, and that's quite a nice amount. You can see the full list of participants below:

RussiaiAct Rebellion
RussiaRAGE eSports /оплачено/
BelarusMalpian Brotherhood
RussiaGhost - Mystery Gaming
UkraineWhite Stars Union
RussiaaStral Spirit Team
RussiaKnights of Unity
EuropeProject Personal
RussiaJust 4 Skill
RussiaBest Russian Team
RussiaElf Kommando /оплачено/
WorldLatest and Greates Gaming

But notice, that there's only one team which had already payed the entry fee. Don't know what the others teams are waiting for. The sooner we're from the entries, the sooner we're to begin the game. Hope the issue will be solved by Monday ;)

Web-money purchase: Z152823274739

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Gonna play some WC3. Gamage Control. Comments: 2
Russiahalfpast5 13 Sep, 21:23
GaCoWell, it's enough of wasting time and doing uncertain things. We perfectly know that most people are waiting good competitons from us, and we're going to provide you with such stuff.

LifeLine 4 is delayed, because of us (me, personally) experiencing some financial difficulties. But, on the other hand, we still have some ideas, and some things to do. The first one is Gamage Control Open Cup. Any team may just join the Cup.

The system is WC3L (4 1x1, 1 2x2), and as we're doing a cup, all the team will be divided into groups, 4 teams maximum in each one. All the clans will play against each other, to gain some points and to figure out the best team in the league. When all the matches are done, we'll see the teams placing top-1 in their groups, and they'll advance for the play-offs immediately. Some more participants for the play-offs will be, if need, fiured out in a tournament.

Just to grant a small prize for the winner, there's an entry fee of 4$. That's not much, agree.

First of all, you're to register on the site, and then to create your team's profile here. After it's done, your players are to join your profile ("apply to enter" button in the team's profile"). Then, you're to fulfill all the fields with information, and you're very welcome to upload the photos. As soon as your profile is informative enough, please, send the link to it to the ICQ 246807594, or MSN -, or just post it here in the comments. I'll check it and, if it's all right, we'll touch upon the entry fee.

The deadline for applications is Friday, September, 17!

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Replay Contest #1: Got 9 Replays so far! Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 30 Aug, 20:46
replay_contestWe've got 9 replays so far. The replays i've already watched by this moment are marked with *. Looking forward for more games!

RussiaHumanSQK.TGW -vs- GermanyNight Elfn!ReiGn /TR/ *
RussiaUndeadiAct.Cianid -vs- RussiaNight ElfG.StuntS /PI/ *
RussiaNight ElfPL.elfo -vs- RussiaNight ElfBRT.IntoXi /EI/
RussiaOrcexL.Healfy -vs- BelarusHumanMLPA.orc-worker /MV/
BelarusHumanJ4S)Fate.CosmosTV -vs- RussiaUndead2K.ХАОС / AI /
BelarusUndeadiAct.Werded -vs- HumanCC.InTheHouse /SV/
RussiaHumanDreamS.Awake -vs- RussiaNight ElfPersonal[elfo /EI/
RussiaUndeadaSt.D3xTer -vs- RussiaHumanaSt.Lalic /AI/
RussiaHumanJ4S)Fate.CosmosTV -vs- BelarusUndeadiAct.Werded /TR/

Как видите, работы у меня хватит. Но мы, тем не менее, ждем еще реплеев -всегда рады, как говорится! И, обратите внимание, пока что всего один орк на 9 игр!

News rating: 0
Replay Contest: winners weekly! Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 29 Aug, 13:55
replay_contestWe're glad to launch the first week of our Replay Contest. How to send replays? Where to send them? What's the prize? Look for the information below to find out the answers!

How to send a replay:
First of all, you may upload it by yourself. To do that, proceed to the replays page and press "upload" button. Then, follow the instructions, and everything will be OK. It's pretty easy.

As well, you may send the replay to my e-mail address:

You may share the replay using any filehosting service, sending the link to my ICQ - 246807594 or MSN:

Don't forget to make a spacial mark like "Replay Contest" in the corresponding info..

Условия участия в конкурсе:
First of all, we're to mention that it's players who participate in the contest. You may provide us replays of the games which were played not by you, but they'll be counted on the balance of the players participating in, and it's the players who'll get the prize money.

10$ for the winner replay.

In the way to limit the flow of replays, we're to enter some kind of limitation: normally, each player may provide not more that 4 replays for us weekly.

When a replay is provided, it's counted to the balance of all the players participating in. If a player wants to draw the replay out of his balance (in order to provide us more games, for example), it's enough to leave a comment in the replay comments.

We accept only 1x1 and 2x2 games.

The prize are transferred by WebMoney service.

What you're not to do:
Please, don't sell the replays straightly throug MSN Messenger or ICQ, as i've got not a good connection, and downloading may take some time. It's better for me and for you that i could download all them when it's comfortable for me.

The news on the site:
As we've got only five replays displayed on the main page, we'll be normally keeping a news about all the replays received somewhere in the top of the newsline, updating it daily.

One week - one winner replay!
Good luck ;)

News rating: 0

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