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+ Newsline

SC2aLone: hail to the zerg(s), baby! Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 19 Aug, 20:25

iAct RebellionBRuTeam.Ru

This is good news, as long as we're going to the playoff of SC2aLone League. Hell, that was a tough one, especially considering the fact we'd lost against RussiaBRu in the final of the previous season. So, I've just thought - whatta hell are we going to do in the final? I mean, those guys were like destinied to smash us.

But, goood! RussiaZergwinS was just awesome. No other way for me to express the emotions for this win. Nice job, extremely well done, pulling us into the finals - that's the way i like it.

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SC2aLone: iAct Rebellion -vs- Auxilia. Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 16 Aug, 21:00

iAct RebellionAuxilia

So, here we go, here we bring ourselves, trying to do our best, to make it to the play-offs of SC2aLone League. After we've won the first match versus RussiaGrand Masters Team, that'd be nice to improve the success, winning one more opponent. But, as you can see, we've failed to do that. Sad, because win we this one - there'd be almost no doubt about our participaton in the play-offs. As for now...

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SC2aLone: iAct Rebellion -vs- Grand Masters Team. Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 15 Aug, 20:56

iAct RebellionGrand Masters Team

The match versus RussiaGrand Masters Team finished in the way i Like, definitely. I mean, winning with 4:1 score is not the thing I'd refuse, so thank you guys, and especially RussiaZergwinS, for winning this one.

The situation in the rankings is rather tough, in general. Now we're going on the 4th place, and three more teams have the same amount of points as RussiaiAct Rebellion. Obviously, there's gonnabe some hard stuff, and we'll need to sweat a bit if we want to make it to the play-off.

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It just the way we go. We gonna go. Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 14 Aug, 21:52

You know, I have a concept... May be it'd be better to call that my attitude to cybersports, or just my point of view... Well, anyway, the issue is that I think that a cybersport team should work, more, than play. I've tried to apply this principle to the team of my own, and though the attempts failed, I'd like to try that once again. I guess, I can have some success in that sphere, not forget about the fact that I've quit Warcraft 3.

That, to be said in short words, means that RussiaiAct Rebellion will, probably, accquire a new SC-squad soon. Our current team will be saved, so there're no any kicks, or any stuff like that, following. All I want to do, is trying to realize the concept of working team.

* Team practice, team preparation, team work.

* Activity.

* Coach.

* Roster rotation.

These are the principles we're to remember, and to follow. We'll try to build a new team, something just extremely new for me personally. The team, which doesn't play, but does work!

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I'm letting goooooooooooooo!!... Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 14 Aug, 18:05

letting_go_400x300Today we're to begin the new, important phase of our history. We're to step on the promising way, and the first step of the way is closing the Warcraft 3 squad. Well, we're not closing it that completely, normally there may be some people that would like to stay with us, and at least I'm personally staying yet. But, nevertheless, the fact is: no more team competitions in Warcraft3, no more investment in this sphere.

For some time, I've thought that I'm like need to do something for the community here, like I have a debt. No way! I have no debts, I've made a lot for the game, and I'm not going to do anything more, cause I don't want and, what's more important, I just can't. Nowadays the game of Warcraft 3 is completely useless, though the process otself is still interesting, there're no promising teams, no attractive leagues, no hard goals to achieve. Nothing. And I don't wanna play with nothing, for nothing. Call it ambitions, or whatever.

Great thanks to all the guys who helped to pull it that far these months - RussiaHumanMorfius, RussiaUndeadCianid, RussiaHumanag3n. Great thanks to all the others, who helped me to make this show running. Great thanks to everyone, who supported us with word, and with deal. But the time has run out.

The time has run out. Hooray!

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IPL: iAct Rebellion -vs- Versus-Gaming. Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 04 May, 22:37

iAct RebellionVersus-Gaming
ag3ntHumanRussia1:0RussiaNight ElfAutumnSky
ag3ntHumanRussia4:0RussiaNight ElfSly

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IPL: iAct Rebellion -vs- aStral Spirit Team. Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 06 Dec, 12:07

inAction GamingaStral Spirit Team

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iAct Rebellion say welcome to 375! Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 05 Dec, 18:05

ThreesevenfiveLady and gentlemen, we're glad to announce our new player - SwitzerlandNight Elf375. He's a newcomer to our team, and you may find a small interview below.

neverbackdown: Hello, 375. You're the new night elf player in our team, but hardly there's somebody who knows you well. Let's try to fix that point. Please, introduce yourself. What's your name, where did yu play before, anything interesting concerning your person...

375: Hello! My name is Mihail Golovko. I've been living in SwitzerlandSwitzerland for year and a half, thought I was born in BelarusByelorussia. Can't say anything about my clans - it's possible to say that RussiaiAct is my first team.

neverbackdown: Clear. A trdational question comes then. How did you come to this very team? And what're your intentions concerning Warcraft?

375: First of all, I've met RussiaNight ElfR46 at GoodGame Solo League. He asked whether i'd like to join his team, but we've lost the point then. Next, I played versus BelarusUndeadWerded in Garena, and he just offered the same. Don't think I'm going to win WCG, but still I have certain plains to practice and show some good results. Definitely.

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Our guys at WCG Regions. Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 03 Jul, 20:05
WCGWorld Cyber Games Saint-Petersburg:
Group stage:
RussiaUndeadShadai 2:1 RussiaHumanChaosSkill
RussiaUndeadShadai won RussiaOrcnSt.Try4eg
Double Elimination bracket:
RussiaUndeadShadai 2:1 RussiaUndeadJ4S)Havoline
RussiaUndeadShadai 2:1 RussiaOrcGMG-Kalipso
RussiaUndeadShadai 0:2 RussiaOrciP.Ack1Y
RussiaUndeadShadai 0:2 RussiaNight ElfNce

The result is the 3rd, honoured, place. One step before the slot.

World Cyber Games Voronezh:
Верхняя сетка:
RussiaNight ElfR46 2:0 RussiaHumanFrost
RussiaNight ElfR46 0:2 RussiaNight ElfNasdmi
Нижняя сетка:
RussiaNight ElfR46 2:0 RussiaHumanPlunD
RussiaNight ElfR46 2:0 RussiaHumanLatnik
RussiaNight ElfR46 2:0 RussiaNight ElfNasdmi
RussiaNight ElfR46 0:1 RussiaOrcPM.federal

1. RussiaOrcPM.federal (Grand-Final slot)
2. RussiaNight ElfiAct.R46 (Grand-Final slot)
3. RussiaNight ElfNasdmi

So, it seems that we'll even have a guy to support in the Grand-Final. That's nice!

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WCL 8Q: nothing to do to The Conquerors. Comments: 0
Russiahalfpast5 26 Jun, 01:08

inAction GamingThe Conquerors
R46Night ElfRussia0:1KoreaHumanOverTheZero

The matches where other CIS-teams played are finished with the following results:
RussiaRAGE.eSports 4:1 RussiaSQuelch Kommando
RussiaLyra! tEam 1:4 GermanyDkH Multigaming
RussiaRussianPro.WC3 4:1 KoreaAll For One Micro Society
BelarusWarriors of Melpomeme 1:4 Germanyeyes on u

News rating: 0

Izzard Cup Season 1 Finals is on February 17!
Izzard WC3 Cup Rankings
1Sweden Starshaped465
2Russia JadeDark415
3Russia ag3nt355
4Russia Maru335
5Russia rvs295
6Russia CheerOn280
7Bolgaria LeX240
8Russia Arabrams240

Full ranking
Top-8 go to Monthly Finals
Cups played: 8
Cups remaining: 0

Monthly finals prize pool so far: 9000 RUB (137 $)

Season map-pool:

Team matches
iAct > FR 4:1
iAct > hdg 4:2
iAct won ... (tech)
iAct > bru 4:0
iAct < Vincere 1:4
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