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Несчастливый день или поход в бильярд.
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Интересно и понятно - о физике.
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Пираты в минус, продажи в минус.
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О любви
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W3RL S1 Group B

Правила лиги
- All clans declare with their participation in the league to agree to and comply with the rules and regulations of the W3RL.
- All clan representatives and players recognize that all stated days and times mentioned in the rules and regulations refer to Central European Timezone (CET).
- The team manager has to ensure that all players of his clan and all representatives read, understand, accept and comply with the rules & regulations of the W3RL.
- Each team has to send at least one captain or organizer into the private discord server of W3RL due to communication reasons.
- The team manager is also liable to arrange the matchdate with the competing clan during the according matchweek and announce the line-up through the administration interface of the leagues homepage at the scheduled start of the according clanwar.
- The league is not responsible for additional agreements between players and clans. Additional agreements are only allowed if they do not violate the rules and regulations of the league, but will not be considered through any proceedings of the league. The W3RL reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any time without prior notice to the attending clans.
- By attending this competition, clans and players acknowledge, without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations of the league and with the decisions of the league officials. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the league officials. Any decision from league officials will supersede these rules and regulations to preserve the spirit of competition.
- The schedule of any league stage consists of matchweeks.
- One matchweek has a length of one usual week, starting Monday at 00.00 (12:00AM) and ends Sunday at 23:59 (11:59 PM). On each matchweek a participating clan is playing a clanwar against another clan, facing each of the other clans once in a season. The matchweeks and the matchups are set by the league administration.
- #not ready#
- A clanwar consists of a series of best of one (Bo1) matches. The player winning a match is advancing to the next match also temporarily(during only one best of one match) vetoing one map, while the player losing a match is eliminated and cannot play again in the clanwar. The team of the player who lost his match decides which player from their lineup plays next against the winner of the last match and which map is to be played next. The maps must be picked from the remaining mappool. Each team can pick a map only once in a clanwar. The first map set by the league administration is considered to be “neutral”, which means that both teams can pick it again. The clanwar ends when 4 players of one clan are eliminated.
- Every team gets the possibility of using a 3 jokers per season. This means a team is able to revive a player in a running clanwar by eliminating another player that is still in the lineup.
- Each team will receive one point for a map win. If two teams end up with the same amount of points the individual match between those teams will come into account.
- #not ready#
- The league uses the “Warcraft III – The Frozen Throne” computer game with the latest game patch(version: 1.31.1).
- The following maps will be used in the league:
- Amazonia
- Ancient Isles
- Concealed Hill
- Echo Isles
- Last Refuge
- Northern Isles
- Terenas Stand LV
- Turtle Rock
- Twisted Meadows
- If both players agree it is allowed to use NetEase client to play the match. If one of the players has problems with NetEase client or disagrees, the match will be played on Battle.net.
- Other third party programs are not allowed to be used during a match. Especially programs modifying the behaviour of Warcraft III are strictly forbidden.
- Violations of the rules will be punished with penalty points.
- All league officials are allowed to give penalty points if necessary.
- If a team received more than 10 Penalty Points it will be suspended from W3RL.
- The league officials have the right to suspend or ban single players from the league that have shown disrespectful behaviour.
- List of possible violations and penalty points:
- Uploading replays later than 48 hours after the end of the match: 0.5 PPs / replay.
- Missing or incorrect game account: 0.5 PPs / player.
- Changing race during the starting map: 0.5 PPs.
- Being disrespectful to any member of the league (administration, managers, players, streamers etc.): 1.5 PPs.
- Cheating, smurfing: player gets technical defeat, instant ban until the end of the next season.
- Playing for several teams: team gets technical defeat, ban until the end of the next season.
- #something about transfers#

Izzard Cup Season 1 Finals - 17 февраля!
Izzard WC3 Cup Rankings
1Sweden Starshaped465
2Russia JadeDark415
3Russia ag3nt355
4Russia Maru335
5Russia rvs295
6Russia CheerOn280
7Bolgaria LeX240
8Russia Arabrams240

Full ranking
Top-8 go to Monthly Finals
Cups played: 8
Cups remaining: 0

Monthly finals prize pool so far: 9000 RUB (137 $)

Season map-pool:

Командные встречи
iAct > FR 4:1
iAct > hdg 4:2
iAct won ... (tech)
iAct > bru 4:0
iAct < Vincere 1:4
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