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01.04.2020 13:57 13 лет!
29.02.2020 11:54 RAPTOR vs HYPE
17.02.2020 15:21 CNA vs HYPE
16.02.2020 14:04 HYPE vs EYG
09.02.2020 19:25 LUL vs EYG
09.02.2020 15:54 L7 vs uMaD
02.02.2020 23:01 wU] vs L7
02.02.2020 18:42 pG vs IFS
02.02.2020 18:33 RAPTOR vs SP..
02.02.2020 14:16 SWE vs HYPE
28.01.2020 04:50 OCG vs Bulga..
26.01.2020 23:49 L7 vs RAPTOR
26.01.2020 20:38 HEmo vs SPARX
26.01.2020 19:46 Bulgaria vs ..
26.01.2020 15:00 IFS vs HYPE

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14.06.2012 RussiaNeoPhix 1
Несчастливый день или поход в бильярд.
01.04.2012 Russiahalfpast5 0
Интересно и понятно - о физике.
01.04.2012 Russiahalfpast5 0
Пираты в минус, продажи в минус.
17.03.2012 RussiaNeoPhix 7
О любви
08.03.2012 RussiaNeoPhix 9
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W3RL S1 Group B

Team France vs Washed Up
26.01.2020 18:00
Рефери: RussiaCaSpEND
26.01.2020 04:54 26.01.2020 17:55
toxigrintaNight ElfFrance 1:0 USAOrcShear @ NIS
toxigrintaNight ElfFrance 1:0 CanadaNight ElfOrange- @ AZ
toxigrintaNight ElfFrance 1:0 USARandom RaceShear @ TM
toxigrintaNight ElfFrance 1:0 USAUndeadRodFodder @ CH


Название Карта Расы Загрузил
toxi vs orange g2 AZ Night Elf vs Night Elf FranceSatan.
toxi vs rod g4 CH Night Elf vs Undead FranceSatan.
toxi vs shear g1 NIS Night Elf vs Orc FranceSatan.
toxi vs shear g3 TM Orc vs Night Elf FranceSatan.


USAShear #1 - 24.01.2020 08:56

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Команда: USAwU]

Hey guys would 19:00 CET or 20:00 CET on 26th January work for you? We are west coast usa and new zealand.
SaTan #2 - 25.01.2020 19:42

Нет аватара

Hello, it's a bit to late for a switch time request , so I wont be able to contact all of my players for the time switch since the match is tomorrow , I advise you to let knows the team(s) at the very begining of a playweek when you need a reschedule to give them the time for it . Here all of my players got asked and confirmed me for 16CET Tomorrow, I Also planned a Stream, who had to organise themself to cover our cw , when they're very busy every Weeks with their planing , so yeah, next time try to ask earlier in the Week to make your request doable, after all its a real organisations for us admin(s) !
See you tomorrow 16CET chan clan FRA on europe , gl hf !

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